Jun 19, 2008

theres no insomnia
like hotel room insomnia
like no insomnia i know

it only takes 3 times seeing the word insomnia for the meaning to fall away and it's just some vowels glommed onto either side of an m-n combination

at least i can watch the highway from my room, 19th floor

i can feel through the walls ceiling floor how identical the adjacent rooms are

Jun 9, 2008

so sadie woke me at 4:20 with crying, she hits a snag in her sleep and bolts to full howling, and i could not get her back down to sleep despite using all my tricks, backrubs, low-frequency humming, rocking. i had been up until 3 working on work projects so i was damn shot and mad that sadie couldn't at least get to 6 for me.

i figured i'd plunk her on my lap, us in front of a cartoon, and i would just tilt my head back and sleep. but 90 seconds into that sadie pipes up "no, no, no." she's pointing at the tv remote control. and then "book, daddy. book, daddy." she's telling me to turn off the tv and read to her.

Jun 5, 2008

well, the penguins lost the stanley cup so i can get on with my life now

poetically, how i work is that i work on a theory or concept, and then i put it into practice in a project or work of some scale. and then i take that practice and make it itself be a next theory or concept (like saying, "given this project as a concept, what's theoretically next?"). extend and or expand.

anyway, it's time to do that. caesura time. even as i finish the current Obedience book ms i have to start theorizing the next from upon and out of it.

i'm going to think about how i might use figurative language in certain ways to do certain things. right now i have to have those 2 vague "certain"s in there. probably i have to figure out and learn what figurative language does and can do, and also see at the language surface just how it works.

sure wish the pens had won though